Is It Worth Investing in a Company Car for Your Firm?

Is It Worth Investing in a Company Car for Your Firm?

Real-Estate is a tricky business. Not only are you competing against the ever-changing and volatile housing market, but you also have to compete against rival real-estate agencies. And this market is one of the most competitive there is.

So how can you get an edge up on the competition? One tactic that is popular amongst a lot of real-estate firms is investing in a company car. But does this work? And is it actually worth it?


The Pros

Buying a company car is about more than just giving your staff a way to get around. It also works in mobile advertising. By getting your company logo and information stickered on the side of the car you can spread awareness of your agency and hopefully entice new customers.

People love a nice car. So if your real-estate agent shows up in a nice car, it’s going to leave a great impression on your clients. This will bring in more sellers, and also entice potential buyers. A good car with a powerful engine and top quality battery will also improve the efficiency of your firm as well. Allowing your staff to be increasingly mobile. If you do decide to get a car we suggest you get one with an AGM battery. To help you, the top agm batteries are reviewed here.


Is it Worth it

Business specialists estimate that the free advertising you receive from driving around a company car is worth almost double the cost of the actual car itself. Not to mention providing your staff with a company car will boost their morale and make them twice as efficient and motivated. Staff satisfaction is one of the main factors that determine a firm’s success.

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