October 2016 by Meaghan M. & Edward C. , Upper East Side
"Sol was extremely helpful in the entire process of viewing, applying for and signing the extensive lease for our new apartment. We would definitely recommend him and work with him again in the future."

March 2016 by Hiroko Maeda , Renting a Condo Apartmnt at the Century Tower , Upper East Side
Sol was always responsible whenever I had any questions and tried to answer as fast as possible. He was very helpful and gave us as much as information he had. He informed me the timing and schedule, pros and cons, etc. and was very fair. I trusted him and I am very happy that I was able to start renting my current apartment. Thank you so much, I truly appreciate your hard work!

Thank you! I love my Apartment very much!

December 2015 by Amy Melvin , Sol is truly Amazing! , Upper East Side
Finding an apartment in New York City can be a nightmare, but not with Sol Biopcik as my Realtor. I was overwhelmed with finding an apartment and putting together all the documents and paperwork that landlords require here. However, Sol walked me through everything and made it very easy to submit all the necessary documents. Having just moved to New York City from Florida, I was in a time crunch to get moved into an apartment. Thanks to Sol’s relationship with the management company I was able to get approved right away and move in within three days of viewing the apartment. If it wasn’t for Sol I would still be without a home and banging my head on the pavement hoping someone would help me navigate the New York City rental process. Sol is truly Amazing!

November 2015 by Lauren Covello , Thank you Sol! , Upper East Side
Fair and reliable, Sol was a joy to work with and helped me find a great apartment. Highly recommend working with him!

Thank you Sol!

April 2015 by Chandrika , Manhattan
I met Sol through an add on Craigslist. We went to look at an apartment I saw on the website. I didn't like the place in person but Sol had a few more places to show me in midtown. The apartments were fairly priced but they weren't my style. After that day, Sol knew exactly what I was looking for. In the next coming week, he found me a really cozy removed apartment in a walk up building in the upper east side. I love everything about this place: location, price, neighbors; it’s perfect!
Working with Sol was easy and convenient. He met me at all apartments on time, didn't take long to respond to my texts/emails and got me approved at the very next day. Thanks Sol!

April 2015 by George Parish , Manhattan
Thanks you Sol for your help finding an apartment for my daughter and her roommate.

May God bless you and your family!

March 2015 by Ofra Beigel, PHD candidate, Adjunct Instructor at the department of “Hebrew and Judaic Studies”, Yeshiva University NY, NY
Enormous ability, integrity, loyalty, warmly, understanding, insight and right on the target - this is Sol; heart and soul, knowledge and wisdom… before I met Sol, I wasn't sure if I need to buy, if I need to rent, I was very confused with the market and expanded the searching all over. since the day I met Sol, from that point, I felt secure, I knew that I was in good hands, this man will do everything to secure me and will find for me the right place that meets my needs. Amazingly, Sol knew it exactly!! one month later, I bought a beautiful apartment in the Upper East Side, in a great building, In a great price, the procedure went smoothly, I couldn't imagine it better…Sol was there for me all the way and guided me, supported me, quieted my fears… I just could not do it without him.
Sol, professional and honest, rarely to find, you are an angel …God bless the day that I met you!!!

March 2015 by Alex Abrams
Sol helped us find the perfect gem of an apt on the UWS. We were relocating from out of town and Sol was able to show us the apt twice during our short visit and get all the paperwork and leases executed within days! Sol was also very insightful as he told us we needed to move quickly on the apt as it would get taken quickly-and he was quite right as we found out later that there are rarely vacancies in our wonderful building. Finding a fantastic apartment in such a short period of time was so much easier with Sol helping us throughout the process!

March 2015 by Ann Perry , Upper East Side
I recently worked with Sol to get an apartment on the Upper East Side. He was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He made sure to get my application in right away, so that I would be the first in line for my apartment. I was concerned when the management company had some trouble accessing my credit reports, but Sol calmed me down and eventually we got the management company everything that they needed to approve me. He held my hand through the whole process. He is extremely accessible - he will return a phone call within minutes!

March 2015 by Seshie H.'s , I had such a positive experience! , Upper East Side
I had such a positive experience using the Hecht Group to find my apartment last year. I worked with Sol Biopcik, an excellent Broker who really made the process so pleasant. He was punctual, helpful, relatable, and considerate. He really worked with me and got me in to my dream apartment! Every time I see him around he is so genuinely warm and friendly. I would recommend Sol and the Hecht Group to anyone, they really made me feel very comfortable and secure in making a big move! Thanks for everything!

September 2014 by Alexandra P. , I highly recommend him! , Upper East Side
Thanks to Sol at Hecht Group I was able to find a perfect apartment at the upper east side. He was helpful, clear and very kind. It is hard to find an apartment in New York, especially as an international student, however Sol made it easy after dealing with several real estate agents I was glad that I finally found one that listened my conditions.
I highly recommend him!

February 2014 by Albert Lam , Upper East Side
Dear Sol,

My wife and I would like to express our sincere thanks for all that you have done for our daughter Monique and her friend Kim in getting the apartment at 159 East 92nd St.

Every since she was little, Monique always dreamed of living in New York. After she got her Masters in Advertising, she was delighted to get a job offer in New York. The last couple of weeks were so stressful for both Monique and Kim in their apartment hunting, we were a little apprehensive for them but we are so thankful that they found you.

Last night I meant to send the rest of the information ready for you to see in the morning. I was so surprised when I got your reply back right away, at midnight your time. We read your profile online, and you did mention that you can be reached 24/7. We are very impressed.

We plan on visiting in the near future, we hope to stop by and meet you if we can. Monique already said she would refer you to anyone she knows who is looking for rentals, she wishes someone would do that for her before and save her a lot of headaches.

With our deepest appreciation and best regards,

January 2014 by Denise Richards , Relocating from Boston , Upper East Side
Relocating from Boston to NYC was very challenging. After 2 long months of searching and having a the 3rd broker cancel AFTER I traveled to NY to view his supposed '6' apartments (which turned out to be zero) I randomly called the Hecht Group and Sol Biopcik answered the phone and gave me an address to meet him immediately. I only expected to see the 1 property, which, Sol realized, was not what I was looking for. About 15 minutes later, as I was headed back to Penn Station (enjoying a bagel in the UES) Sol called me to meet him again...he showed me 4/5 more apartments that same day w/ the last one being the one I ultimately rented...He's genuinely kind, knows his client and wastes no time in expediting a rather daunting ordeal. (In addition, he has a great sense of humor, making the process all the more positive!!) #1 Agent in NYC!!

November 2013 by Nubia Herrera , No credit, No problem! , Upper East Side
Moving to a new city is somehow exciting and overwhelming at the same time, and finding a place in New York can be harder than any other city.
I visited more than 30 apartments with 2 different agents and some by myself, and they kept telling me that those awful apartments where the best I was going to find in Manhattan, but I was not going to give up.
Adding up to the yet exhausting equation, I come from abroad and of course my credit history was non-existent, and some real state agencies asked me for 6 months security deposit!!!!.
I finally ran into an apartment, a real apartment, where the pictures where awesome, Sol Biopcik answer immediately, everything was easy from that moment on, when I walked in the apartment I realize that the pictures were true to the actual place, once I saw it I loved it. I explained my
non-existent credit history, he understood immediately and as he said, the property manager was good with my references, because Sol trusted.
With my basic documents there, it just took us one hour to fill the paperwork and for Sol to take the apartment off the market. I was happy and felt so calmed that finally went to the park and enjoyed NY. Two days later, with the remaining documents we signed the lease.
If I haven´t gone through all of the other apartments and somehow unfortunately met other agents, I would take for granted the Hecht Group way of doing things and Sol´s great work and kindness.

October 2013 by Matthew Lotz
"Sol Biopcik made my apartment search painless and simple. After living in NYC over nine years in various different apartments, Sol was the most straightforward and honest broker I have dealt with. He will be the first person I call for my apartment needs!"

October 2013 by Mike

"I want to thank you for all of the help and support you extended to my daughter, Kate, and my wife Diane during their apartment-hunting adventure in New York. As I’m sure you could tell, it was a very emotional and exhausting experience for them, and you certainly helped them through it. For that I am most grateful."

July 2013 by Chris Janney and John Hutton
"I was very impressed with the speed and quality of service offered by Sol Biopcik and the Hecht Group. Having previously spent over 3 weeks searching for an apartment with no results, Sol was able to show us an apartment that we really enjoyed, and get the process completed in a couple days. Unlike with many brokers, I did not feel I was being Nickel-and-Dimed. Overall, my experience was very positive."

June 2013 by Charlotte Craven
"I had been struggling for such a long time to find an apartment that was affordable, safe, and in an ideal location for where I work and go to school UNTIL my roommate and I discovered Hecht Group. Finding the perfect place in the city is hard enough. I never thought it would be possible to find an apartment in such a short span of time with everything and more than I could have imagined.
Sol Biopcik went through extreme lengths to help my roommate and I find the perfect place.

Looking for an apartment is never an easy task but working with Sol eased my nerves in the process as well as helped get my roommate and me an amazing apartment.
I cannot thank Sol enough for his hard work and dedication. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a positive experience in finding an apartment! Thank you Sol and Hecht Group!"

June 2013 by Katie
My roommate and I used Sol (Shmuel Biopcik) from Hecht Group to find an apartment, and had an absolutely incredible experience. We are both college students, and we were looking for a decent-sized studio to share in a safe building. Sol found us the perfect place - a spacious, renovated studio that we are so proud to live in! Sol worked extremely hard to help us get the deal, and genuinely cared about our comfort in the place! I would ABSOLUTELY recommend using Sol to anybody looking for an apartment in Manhattan - he is friendly, hardworking, and concerned about the happiness of his clients above all! Thanks Sol and Hecht Group for getting us such a beautiful place - I never thought such a great studio would be my first apartment in the big city.

May 2013 by T.A
"I have met so many brokers before working with you. What distinguished you is your honesty and reliability. You are true to your words - We appreciate your excellent follow up and communication, highly credible feedback, and lastly truly wonderful attitude. You made the process very simple and enjoyable and for that we are very grateful.
Many thanks once again!"

February 2013 by Bruce and Leslie Goslin
When we asked to look at a no-fee apartment in a UES building we arrived and met Sol who was waiting for us in the lobby. Quiet, soft spoken and polite - he took us up to the apartment, let us wonder around and if he did not have an answer to a question he noted it down and got back to us later that day or the next. When we decided on the apartment he moved quickly to get our deposit in, helped with the paperwork and made sure the application process was on track. We had a question about storage space a few days later and Sol went by the building to not only ask about the space, but sent us several pictures, he could not have been more responsive. Throughout he was courteous, efficient and a pleasure to work with.

Thanks Sol!

December 2012 by Dolores and Clifton Bullard - Former Dean of students at Bronx Community College of CUNY, an Associate Professor of HOSTOS of CUNY.
We recently needed to find an apartment. We selected Mr. Biopcik because the company with which he was affiliated, Hecht Group, was highly rated. We had limited time to investigate and make a Selection in an extremely tight real estate market. Mr. Biopcik quickly understood our needs and preferences and worked quickly to find appropriate proprieties for us to view. With his dedicated help and efforts we were able to find a place that we feel will provide a comfortable home for some time to come. We would unhesitatingly recommend him.

December 2012 by Esther Dweck
We got in touch Sol to help us find the apartment that we were looking for. He was very helpful and made the whole process of what we thought was going to be a big hassle so simple and seamless. He was very patient in helping us find exactly what we were looking for according with our price range. He was fast and great at communicating with us. We had the best experience with him since as he was very kind and helpful. He made sure that we were satisfied with our end result. I would definitely would recommend working with Sol because he was great with updating us frequently and helping us to the very end to find the perfect apartment.

December 2012 by Carla Waage and Nicole Senoski
As two girls trying get an apartment in Manhattan and not wanting to get taken advantage of, Sol was very understanding with our situation and walked us through each step. After telling him what we were looking for, Sol found us the perfect apartment exactly in our price range. We would and already have given Sol's number to our other friends looking for a place in NYC.

December 2012 by Zack & Cassidy
Working with Sol was a great experience! He was responsive to our needs and helped us secure an apartment we love at a price that fit out budget. We would work with him again but for the fact that we don't want to leave our apartment anytime soon.

December 2012 by Andrew Strassell
Sol was very helpful. We looked at several apartments. He was very patient and courteous. When I was stuck deciding between two apartments that I liked, we weighed the pros and cons until I came to a decision. Most importantly, he helped me negotiate the price lower than what the management company was asking!!!

December 2012 by Daniel E. Guzmán, Esq. - District of Columbia Court of Appeals
What I can say about Sol will be less impressive than my experience with Sol. In short, he found me an apartment inside 35 minutes. That must be some kind of record. Sol showed me 3 apartments, all tailored to my needs, but the third time was the charm. In a fast and fluid market like Manhattan, you don't want to waste your time with someone trying to put you in an apartment that they are trying to get rid of. Sol will never do that to you. You tell him what you want, and he will make it happen, and quickly! The apartments he shows you are all top quality too! All three apartments I saw were phenomenal, clean, roomy, pristine, and fit for my needs. I dealt with so many brokers in my search, and they all failed me. They either skipped appointments with me or showed me stuff that was already taken! Sol did no such thing. He's an earnest person, and he cares about what he does. He's a straight talker; he's not trying to sell you a bag of goods. He's also willing to work with you. I am very satisfied with my experience with him and I will recommend him to all my friends looking for a place on the Upper East Side and Yorkville.

December 2012 by AG
I needed to move quickly from one apartment to another on the UES, and Sol was the broker made it happen. I was very specific in what I wanted, and Sol listened and totally got it and didn't waste my time and show me places that were far off, which can frequently happen when looking for an apartment. During a very stressful time, Sol told me to be as patient as one could be and not to worry and that he'd find what I was looking for - I just had to trust him. Well, I trusted him and he was spot on with the apartment in which I now live. And, importantly, I like things to be done quickly and efficiency, and he was just that in dealing with the lease and associated paperwork. I highly recommend working with him.