October 2012 by Corrine W.
When we started looking for an apartment for our daughter, we happened upon Anis because he was the agent for an apartment we thought would be nice. I called him and asked about it, adding it was for our 20 year old daughter. He immediately said: "I don't think the location of this apartment is good and safe for a single 20 year old girl". Gotta love that input! So we gave him our wish list and started looking, all the while learning from Anis the vagaries of buying a coop in the City. We love Anis's laid back temperament, so different from the usual high-octane temperament of real estate guys. Always easy to reach through texting and ready to go the extra mile to get things done. And although he's laid back, he gets answers to questions and problems right away. All in all, if we'd be in for another buy (but buying a coop is like a delivery, you need time to forget how painful and disagreeable it is before you'd do it again), we'd turn to Anis again without hesitation.