May 2016 by Taina Pierre , Roommates Matchmaking
James Mercure is the best real estate agent that I ever worked with. He is amazing!!! I needed an apartment ASAP last year after parting ways with a roommate on bad terms. James was able to find me a place to reside within my price range, urgency and needs. He is very professional, pays attention to your needs and gets the job done without pressuring you like the others do. He does a great job pairing/matchmaking people and got me the best roommates ever. I was very happy to come home without having to worry about crazy roommates. This year I needed to find another roommate to continue to reside in the awesome apartment that he found me last year; and again he was able to work his magic. I do not know how he does it but he really takes the stress away from one when looking for an apartment and roommates. James is the best! He is very efficient. I will always go to him for all my renting/buying needs. James thank you for all your help, you are the best!

June 2014
James did a great job of getting my roommates and I a place - exactly what we wanted. He was organized and patient and not pushy. I would definitely work with James again.
Rebecca in October 2013

June 2014 by Rachel , Manhattan
James was the most helpful, friendly, and professional broker I have worked with. He was not at all pushy like many other brokers I have come in contact with. Rather, he was very knowledgeable about the property and incredibly kind and respectful throughout the process. It would be a mistake to not get in touch with him!

Rachel in April 2014

June 2014 by Cullen
Where do I begin. Working with James was an absolute pleasure. From the moment we met to view the apartment he was friendly and personable, which set the tone perfectly for the rest of our time together. Though he had answers to all of our questions, he was not all about business and was happy to talk about our lives and shared connections/interests that we had. We were given bottles of water before sitting down to talk about the apartment details and he was very attentive, making sure we were comfortable in every way. If you are lucky, his associate (which is his lovely wife) will be there as well. She is the sweetest person on the Earth. And both her and James are truly the most genuinely kind and caring people you''ll ever meet. Between the two of them and the business as a whole, we were very satisfied. They knew exactly what we wanted and we immediately were shown an AMAZING apartment within minutes. We had an experienced lawyer-mom with us asking tricky questions, but James was ready with an answer to every curve ball she threw at him. He made us feel like we could trust him and the apartment in every way. We signed for the apartment within hours because we were completely satisfied with everything James had to show us. Not only did we get a new home, but we made a new friend who we will definitely keep in touch with. If you want an easy, trust worthy, and stress free process for finding an apartment, James Mercure is your guy.

June 2014 by Zach , Manhattan
James was absolutely wonderful. From the moment I met him, he was personable and informative. Not only did he have answers to any questions I had, but he seemed genuinely interested in learning more about me. After I signed the lease for my apartment, I was sad to say goodbye to James. He not only helped me find the perfect apartment, but made the experience easy, fun, and memorable. I would recommend James to anyone who is looking for a broker. He is absolutely perfect!

November 2013 by R. Metzloff , Lower East Side
James did a great job of getting my roommates and I a place - exactly what we wanted. He was organized and patient and not pushy. I would definitely work with James again

October 2013 by Jung Sin , Midtown West
I had the pleasure of working with James a while back. He was assertive, knowledgeable, and prompt with his service. James was always on top of his game and ensured his clients were well prepared for the fast market. I would recommend him and service again."
Service Category: Real Estate Agent
Year first hired: 2012
Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

March 2013 by D. Taylor , Gramercy Park
I have to admit that I was skeptical in dealing with brokers for my rental search in NYC. However, when I spoke with James Mercure from Hecht Group he quickly convinced me by answering all my questions not just to meet with me but to find out what exactly I was looking for. Although my demands were extreme partly because I was new and was a little confused about the market; his expertise and patience had quickly won me over. His honesty and direct answers to my needs were exceptional. James didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, he simply told me the truth. Give James Mercure a shot to find you an apartment. I promise you will be writing a testimonial about him in a short period of time.

Gratitude to the # 1 Spartacus fan :)

May 2012 by Kristen , Gramercy Park
I have recently had the pleasure of working with James to find my new 'home'. Not only was James extremely thoughtful and pleasant to work with, he was extremely responsive, honest and open with me about the rental market. I would recommend James to any of my friends or acquaintances if they were looking to rent an apartment in Manhattan. I am so happy I had the opportunity to meet and work with James.


April 2012 by Adam and Keshia XOXO , East Village
We just wanted to thank you for helping us to find an apartment fastly just before our wedding day. Finding an honest, patient, and a professional real estate agent in Manhattan was not easy. Thank you for informing us about the real price to rent an apartment in NYC. We are happy we did not meet with the brokers that kept on pressuring us to meet with them for apartments and prices that did not exist. you are truly making a difference. Keep up the good work!!

P.S.We will make sure to send you some wedding pictures.

March 2012 by Mrs. Armand , Murray Hill
If you're looking for a Realtor eager to rent out your apartment as much as you want to...
If you're looking for enthusiasm, dedication, personal attention, expedience, a no nonsense efficient Realtor -- than look no more: 
Call James Mercure at the Hecht Group. He promised to rent out my apartment and did so in 2 weeks, with a happy tenant with keys in hand in such a short time! 

James aggressively marketed my Studio, keeping me up to date constantly by phone and email to assure that everything went smoothly, as I was not in New York to take care of my Studio.  I am detail oriented and he gladly and meticulously implemented my requests. I will definitely recommend James to anybody wanting to have a Realtor 'on their side' and both the tenant and I were very happy with his services.