Everything You Need to Run a Successful B&B

Everything You Need to Run a Successful B&B

Since the creation of the website Airbnb in 2008, created in San Francisco, B&B’s have become more high profile and much more popular. If you’re wanting to start up your own B&B now would be the perfect time to do it thanks to the marketing techniques of Airbnb. B&B’s are more appealing to many guests as they are smaller and often family-run giving a much more relaxed and intimate feel than a hotel. B&B’s provide a much more homely experience rather than a commercial hotel experience. More often than not B&B workers are locals who have lived in the area for a long time so can point guests to hidden gems, the cutest cafes, and give them much more local knowledge they wouldn’t be able to get from a hotel. Trip Advisor released data to confirm that guests value this as the rating for B&B’s was 89% compared to 81% for hotels.



The first stage of running a B&B is to make sure you’re actually attracting guests. To do this you’ll need a website. This will be the very first impression any potential guest has so make sure it’s clear and informative. It should be obvious on the first page the name of your B&B and its location. It should have an easy to use booking system where guests can easily check available dates and prices. It is vital to include a contact page so if any guest has an issue it’s easy for them to contact you and have it resolved. The website is the most important but another way to get yourself seen which is becoming more and more important is social media, it would also be a good idea to create a Twitter, Facebook page and Instagram account to advertise yourself and reach more potential guests. Third-party sites are also important in this business, trip advisor reviews are trusted so create a page for your business on trip advisor and encourage your guests to leave positive comments as this makes people much more likely to book your B&B too.



So, once you’ve managed to sell yourself to some guests through your impressive marketing, you have to ensure that your B&B is spotless. Nothing destroys a B&B business quicker than a comment on Trip Advisor complaining that their room was dirty or that anything was unhygienic. You’ll want to make sure you have lots of cleaning supplies and equipment. You’ll need a supply of the basics like bleach, glass cleaner, disinfectant, etc. It’s also worth investing in some good quality cleaning equipment, you should get a sturdy mop and bucket, brushes with strong bristles, and one of the best canister vacuums. Having this equipment will keep costs low in the long run as you won’t have to re-buy it frequently and you’ll be able to keep your B&B in perfect condition.


Customer Service

Having amazing customer service is one of the most important factors that determine how successful you’ll be in this industry. It’s a very competitive business to go into so you have to make sure you go above and beyond for your guests. Make sure you offer to help carry their bags after their journey, if they want advice on where to eat offer to book the table for them, while these things may seem small, they make the experience for your guests much nicer. Also, have extra things available for your guests, everyone knows how annoying it is when you forget something like your toothbrush, make sure you have spares of these that you can provide to save them the hassle of a late-night trip to the supermarket.

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