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Warm accents are crafted with elegance to serve you with a serene abode of 60 sqm. Perfect space for solo stays or couples; relaxation and entertainment are packed up in heavenly settings here.



2 BHK Apartments

Nothing short of excellence has been etched out on every wall of your 1300 sq. ft paradise. Apart from every facility you look for in your 2 bedroom apartment, common amenities such as an amphitheatre, squash court, and lawn tennis also make up this marvelous architecture.

Penthouse Suits

Kissing the sky with every sunrise is an excellent way to start your day. This signature suite with the charming master bedroom is a divine space with seductive interiors. Coming back into this box of wonders every day to stand high atop is one great way to end the day.

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NYC No Fee Apartments

To live in the city in all luxury with no fee is something more than a blessing. Head right away and book the room as it could be running out at the moment. The 2 BHK apartment lays at the heart of the city; commuting wouldn’t be an issue here.

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Entire Home/Apt

Entire Home/Apt





Elevator in building

Elevator in building

Air conditioning

Air conditioning

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  • Dealing in property and selling houses to make yourself a nice income has become a very popular money-making scheme in recent years, with more and more people turning to this industry to provide their income it has become much more necessary for the details of flipping houses to being common knowledge. There are many different aspects of renovating a house properly and if you are looking to make a decent sale you should be looking at ways that you can increase the value of the home without having a significant cost for yourself.

    If you are new to flipping houses then I would highly recommend that you take advantage of the many resources in this area that is available, for a long time TV shows have been released showing the process of buying, renovating, and then selling houses so it would be very useful to your cause to give these watch and see if there are any useful tips and tricks that you could implement into your own projects to ensure that they run as smoothly as possible.


    Buying New Property

    The most important part of buying a new property to renovate is finding the best deal to allow you to make the most profit when you come to sell, I would urge you to consider the workload that is required to completely renovate a property to a good standard and you should definitely try and avoid the typical property development mistake of taking on a project that is too much for you to handle on your own. You should check out your local auction houses and ensure that you are doing research into your property before you go ahead with a sale.


    Renovating Properties Properly

    It is highly important that you complete the renovation process properly, although it is very expensive to complete a large renovation it will cost you a lot more in repairs if the work is not done to a satisfactory standard. You may even end up making the property worse by not doing the work properly which is why it is highly recommended that you stick to the more basic jobs and allow the buyer to decide on bigger renovations for himself especially if you are planning on selling the house at the end of it all.


    The Inspection Process

    A very important thing to remember when you are conducting a project like this would be to always get your property inspected before you start the sale process, it would be highly embarrassing if you were to miss a maintenance or decoration issue especially when it can be so easily avoided. Getting an inspection also gives you the security and peace of mind that you are covered if anything was to go wrong with the house after the sale, a home inspector like esureinspections can help with this as they will also keep a record of the state of the house as well as making their recommendations to you after they have completed the inspection.


    Putting the Property On the Market

    Putting a property on the market has a number of dependent factors to consider, you must ensure that you get the timing right as well as considering other properties that are on sale in the area and how they could affect your chances of going ahead with a sale. If you are not well informed in this area then it would be a good idea to seek professional guidance as to the impact not properly putting your house on the market could have on your overall sale and the profits you can potentially make could be disastrous.


    Securing the Sale

    If you have worked hard and efficiently with the buying and redecoration process of flipping the house then securing a sale should be easy, if you want to try and sell the house to multiple people at once a great way to do this would be to hold an opening event. Holding an event like this will help to build interest in the property as well as showing potential buyers how many people are interested in buying. If there are a lot of people at the opening it may also encourage a potential buyer to speed up their decision.

  • The prospect of buying your first home is a daunting one. There is so much to consider. Moving logistics. Bills and maintenance. Decoration, bin dates, plumbing, and electrical installations. Not to mention wi-fi, TV, and other luxury technologies you might want to install.

    But all of that is superficial to the biggest, and most pressing issue. Finance. How are you going to afford your first home? The property market saw a massive crash some years ago and it has never fully recovered. Gone are the days of getting a home for a few thousand dollars. Now, owning a home seems like a far-off dream to so many people.

    And it is at this point you are faced with the daunting prospect of getting a Mortgage. But what exactly is a mortgage? How do they work? And should you get one? Allow us to dive into these questions and help you make this decision.


    What Is It?

    To put it simply a Mortgage is a loan designed specifically for you to buy a property. The main difference is you never get the money, rather the bank directly pays the real estate agency for the property. To that end, the house you live in is yours, but very technically it belongs to the bank.

    This is a very important distinction to be aware of. This is the loophole that allows a bank to foreclose and repossess your possession if you continually fail to make mortgage repayments. Banks make money off loans and mortgages, and if you aren’t paying them, they will make back their money off your stuff.

    Don’t panic though. Mortgage repayments are a lot nicer than typical loan repayments. For one, the bank never sets a time frame for you to fully pay it. In theory, you could spend the rest of your life paying off your mortgage as it accumulates interest continually. The bank wants you to pay it slowly, so they get more of you in the long run.

    But this means they are willing to work with you to create a repayment plan that fits your budget.


    Mortgage Brokers

    This might not seem important but is it vital you find out what mortgage brokers actually do so you can better understand their tricks and techniques. You don’t want to sign yourself up for a mortgage scheme that will cripple you financially.

    Mortgage brokers are the middlemen. They are as many salespeople as they are bankers. They want to sell you the best package they can, to make the most money out of you. So, make sure you are well equipped with some negotiation tricks and keep a clear, focused head when you go to negotiate.

    Mortgage brokers will sweet talk you. They will try convincing you that owning a home is the best thing on the planet. Much like a real estate agent, they are master convincers.


    Should you get one?

    This is the big question. Should you get a mortgage?

    This question might seem simple. If you want a house and can’t afford to buy it outright, then, of course, you will want a mortgage. But the question goes deeper than that. Should you even be buying a home?

    There are a number of factors to consider. The main one being income. Are you earning enough and consistently to afford mortgage repayments? Keep in mind this is on top of all your other expenditures. Unlike renting an apartment, no bills are included in your mortgage. It is still your responsibility to fund everything. So if you aren’t going to earn enough in the long run, maybe you should consider renting.

    Secondly, you need to look at the housing market. You might not think you will ever sell your home, but things change. The area could change and you might not want to stay. The house could encounter issues or an accident could leave you with bad memories of the house.

    But with the current state of the housing market, you might find yourself unable to sell. Or, if you can, you might make a loss on your original investment of the property. This can be devastating.

    So you will need to do a lot of research. You will want to know how popular units similar to your home are. This will help you better know what homes are worth investing in. You will also need to know how well properties sell in the area you are considering moving to. In real estate, location is everything. So an unpopular area will, of course, put off potential buyers and make it more difficult to shift the property.

    Overall, buying your first home is an exciting experience. But it is a huge commitment and one that can’t be undone easily. So take your time to consider if this is the right step for you.

  • When it comes to selling your home it is important that you appeal to your clients by making certain parts of the property appeal to what they are looking for in their new home. If you want to increase the chances of you making a sale it would be a good idea to talk to your clients about the style of home they would like to live in, of course, you are not going to be able to change everything to suit their desires but by adding simple touches and showing that you have listened, you could sway their decision in your favor.



    The kitchen is arguably one of the most important rooms in the house, it is a place where families spend time together and prepare daily meals. If you are selling to a family it would be a good idea to market the kitchen in a way that appeals to families and showing your clients that this can be a child-friendly area of the home. If you want to really go the extra mile you could invest in some decorative fruits and flowers to add a splash of color and make your clients see the potential of this important room in the house.



    The garden is another part of the house that you should take particular care with the way in which you present it to prospective buyers, for many people looking to buy a new property having a garden is a huge selling point so you should do your best to ensure the garden is looking neat and tidy prior to showing any clients around the place. Especially for families who have children, it is likely that they are going to want an outdoor area that is large and safe so that the buyers can have peace of mind for their families’ safety. If you have expendable funding you may also want to think about renovating the garden to help make the property sellable, mycozybackyard.com has everything you need to help transform any garden into a gorgeous leisure space that any family can enjoy.



    Ensuring the bedrooms are presented to buyers nicely is one of the most important things you can do to help sell your house, the bedroom is a very important part of any family home and it is vital that every family member has space and privacy they need. If you want to increase the chances of your clients going ahead with a sale then you should use any information regarding their likes and style preferences and apply them to the bedrooms, adding a personal touch to the rooms is a great way to help the buyers envisage themselves living there and will also help you to complete the ultimate goal of getting a sale.



    The final area of the home that definitely needs your attention before you show people around the home would have to be the bathroom, you will find that people are very specific when it comes to their bathrooms so be sure to check on what your client looks for in a good bathroom prior to showing them around. It is very important that you take the time to make sure the bathroom is as clean as possible as avoiding doing this could seriously impact the chances of you selling. Renovating the bathroom would be a good idea to increase the value of the property and is a very useful tool for encouraging clients to go through with a sale.

  • Managing inherited real estate can be a difficult occupation, especially when families are involved you have to maintain a strictly professional attitude, and ensure that you remain neutral in a situation that can often turn aggressive. In the unfortunate event of a death in the family, it is usually stated in a will where the authority in the family will lie in terms of looking after any assets, when this is not disclosed it can become difficult to know who is entitled to what. Of course, where money and property are involved people can become very aggressive so it is important you do your best to remain impartial, and that you try your best to resolve the situation.


    Establishing Authority

    If you have been tasked with the management of inherited property then you should do your best to look after the home in a way that is respectful to the deceased’s family as well as keeping everything to a high standard within the house. Especially when it comes to larger properties that require a lot of housekeeping and maintenance you will have to ensure the necessary steps have been taken in order to properly look after the house. You will need to be discrete enough to put these steps into place without bothering the family when they are going through the trauma of death. It is down to you to look after the property whilst the family decides what they are going to do and with many people finding it hard to know what you should do when someone dies, you could be in charge for a while.


    House Management

    If you have been put in charge of a large property you may need to enquire about hiring staff to work around the house, depending on whether or not the house has residents will decide how many members of staff you require. It would be a good idea to hire a few housekeepers to keep the property looking fresh, someone to work in the kitchens, and somebody who can carry out maintenance jobs and do things like gardening. If you feel that staff is required it is your responsibility to find these staff members and put them through the employment process. Remember to consult the family before you go ahead with any decisions but make sure that you are not pestering them and that you are showing initiative.


    Maintaining the Property

    In the early stages of your time managing the house it is important that you are respectful towards the family and their grief, they will not appreciate being pestered for help with managing the estate. It is vital that you show you are responsible enough to be trusted with looking after the property, if you need staff they should be hired and the house should be maintained to a high standard.  Make sure that everything is kept on top of in terms of cleaning and house maintenance, this will maintain your professional reputation and show the family that you can handle the responsibility of managing a large estate.



    Future of the Property

    Depending on what the family decides they wish to do with the property you could be asked to stay on as the property manager and oversee future events at the house. This is a great opportunity and as a house manager, your responsibilities are only going to increase. In the future you could see a whole host of different events being held and by showing you can be responsible at a time where the family is in mourning, you are increasing your chances of being trusted in the future with bigger events.


    This job role can be a lot more than just making sure everything is clean and tidy, you will be in charge of any staff working on the property, it will be your job to make sure any events are running smoothly and that any issues are resolved. If you are working on a larger estate you will also have to consider things like security and parking and be a coordinator for the onsite team of staff. There is a lot going on for the estate manager, but it is a rewarding position with plenty of opportunities to show off your management skills.

  • Moving home can be a strenuous and stressful experience, so when the time comes that you finally outgrow your current living arrangement, you may be hesitant to look for other properties. However, you can only avoid the inevitable move for so long. The main issue that people have when it comes to moving house is that they simply don’t know where to start. Taking the first steps in the moving process can be daunting, but when they are done currently, the rest of the steps will appear to fall easily into place.


    You can ask around and try and get your friends and family’s opinions on what you need to know about moving, but more often than not these separate opinions are bound to be conflicting and you may once again find yourself lost. If you can relate to these issues, you may be at a loss with the stress of your moving experience. However, do not worry. Here is a short but helpful guide on what you really need to know when you start the moving process.



    When you move house you are going to have to be clever when arranging dates for specific activities. You need to find a moving company that is available on the day you’re going to move in and you also have to make sure that you are available on these dates. This is something that people don’t really take into consideration when they start the moving process and because of this, there is often a hitch in the road. The best way to combat this would be to keep a diary where you can keep all of your important move-in date details on. For example, what day is the internet due to being installed? When will your water be up and running? Knowing these important dates can make the moving experience way easier.


    Moving company

    You may be the kind of person that is set on completing the moving process single-handedly or with the help of friends, but this can make the moving process much harder. This is especially the case if you are someone who works a lot or has a family that they need to care for. Hiring a moving company may be the best decision that you make as they will take care of all of the hard work for you. A lot of popular companies, such as The House Guys, don’t just move your items. They also take the extra step to pack your belongings and make sure that everything is secure before you move. Using a moving company also means that you don’t have to go to the extra effort of finding a vehicle to move your possessions in. More often than not your everyday car is not going to be enough to take all of your items in one move and so by using a moving company, you also have access to their removal van which will be able to take your belongings in a single trip.


    Sorting through your belongings

    When we live in a certain place for a long time, it is easy to hoard hundreds of items that are never used or even thought about. Before you move, it is imperative that you sort through all of your belongings to ensure that you are not just bringing useless rubbish to your new home. Throwing away large quantities of the stuff can also be really cathartic, so we recommend you do this before you start your new life in your brand new home.

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