7 Great Housewarming Gifts Your Friends Will Love

7 Great Housewarming Gifts Your Friends Will Love

House Plants

Buying a house plant as a housewarming gift is a classic, but one you can trust as every home would benefit from a nice new house plant. They don’t cost too much and they provide enough sentiment to help welcome your friends into a new home whilst avoiding going overboard, if you are looking for a housewarming gift on a budget then a house plant is definitely the right way to go.



If your friends are hosting a housewarming party then the wine is always going to be a great idea, a nice bottle of wine is a gr4eat gift as it is something you know your friends will enjoy and let’s be honest an extra bottle at the event is no bad thing. A gift like this is perfect if you are buying for someone who you aren’t as close with but you still want to wish them well in their new home.


Soft Furnishings

Comfort is key in any home so why not get your friends a new cushion or blanket to ensure your friends can be cozy in their new house, this is another gift that doesn’t cost a fortune so it would be great for somebody buying on a budget. No home would be complete without some nice soft furnishings to create that homely atmosphere we all crave, and as the winter weather comes in it would make for a particularly useful gift to help your friend keep warm.


Kitchen Appliance

Depending on how much time your friend spends in the kitchen you may consider buying a new kitchen appliance as a housewarming gift, this is one that is on the more practical side but would be great for any budding chef in your life. You could choose a blender, grill, or even a matching kettle and toaster, the possibilities are endless and for someone moving into their new home I’m sure it will go down a big hit.


Home Bar Equipment

A home bar is great for any social event you may host so buying some form of bar equipment would make a great housewarming gift, whether you choose a nice cocktail set, drinks trolley, or maybe even a beverage dispenser. There are some great models of beverage dispensers currently available with sleek designs to fit in any home, If you are interested in this as a housewarming gift then why not check out a review of the fizzics from shark tank, this model would be a great gift thanks to its unique design and high-quality materials.


Home Scent Products

No home would be complete without some form of scent product, candles, wax burners and incense sticks are great for those cozy nights where you want your home to smell amazing. The great thing about products like these is that they are affordable and there are so many different options available, you could even find a scent that you know your friend loves to make the gift that little bit more personalized.



The final housewarming gift option on this list would have to be some form of ornament, everyone has that one shelf in their house that would benefit from a nice decorative piece so buying one as a gift for a loved one’s new home is a great idea. Your local homeware store should have some great options to help bring some color or decoration to a new home, an issue that is commonly faced by many new homeowners is that they struggle filling it with their possessions so a nice new ornament would be the perfect present.

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