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1 Bedroom Suits

Warm accents are crafted with elegance to serve you with a serene abode of 60 sqm. Perfect space for solo stays or couples; relaxation and entertainment are packed up in heavenly settings here.



2 BHK Apartments

Nothing short of excellence has been etched out on every wall of your 1300 sq. ft paradise. Apart from every facility you look for in your 2 bedroom apartment, common amenities such as an amphitheatre, squash court, and lawn tennis also make up this marvelous architecture.

Penthouse Suits

Kissing the sky with every sunrise is an excellent way to start your day. This signature suite with the charming master bedroom is a divine space with seductive interiors. Coming back into this box of wonders every day to stand high atop is one great way to end the day.

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NYC No Fee Apartments

To live in the city in all luxury with no fee is something more than a blessing. Head right away and book the room as it could be running out at the moment. The 2 BHK apartment lays at the heart of the city; commuting wouldn’t be an issue here.

Apartment Amenities

Entire Home/Apt

Entire Home/Apt





Elevator in building

Elevator in building

Air conditioning

Air conditioning

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