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Brett really put his all into finding my apartment for me. When I started off looking for my apartment I was already frustrated. One realtor decided to play games and from his car determine if I fit the mold of someone who could afford what he was selling. Then when he called the next day didn’t apologize or ask if I was still interested. My other realtor, even after I signed the paperwork, took off for the weekend and didn’t put in my application leaving me to come dangerously close to being without an apartment when my lease was up. He wanted me to take the apartment he would make a commission on rather than the one the management was paying the fee. Both realtors were from respected agencies in NYC. Brett got to know me and what I wanted. He made me immediately aware when an opportunity I couldn’t miss came up. He got the management to hold the apartment specifically for me pending my paperwork (imagine a gentlemen’s agreement in this time and day) and that speaks volumes. It says his character inspires trust, respect and conviction. Put simply, he went to bat for me in every way. If you need a real estate agent, Brett Ari will make a process that can be painstaking, very easy.
- Samuel KN
“Brett has helped me find a fantastic place to live in the city. He has taken all my special requirements (especially such as having a washer in the unit) into consideration and overall has done a great job. He did not waste a minute of my time. The only problem for me was to choose between several apartments he found for me all of which I genuinely liked. I would recommend him to anyone looking to rent or buy a home in NYC.”
- Olivia S.
"Although I worked in the city for the 15 years and know my way around, I never thought about Manhattan from the perspective of living here. I felt lost in a city that I thought I knew like the back of my hand. When I read an ad from Brett where he promised a call back in an hour and an experience second to no other, I decided to see if he would live up to his promise - - it was 11:00 on a Saturday night. He called. And he lived up to every promise he made to me.” "But more than that, he listened to who I was, what kind of lifestyle I led, that I had two kids, and we focused on two neighborhoods. He took the extra step of doing an analysis of each neghborhood based on my likes and dislikes. I ultimately settled in a nice apartment in the transforming Hudson Yards neighborhood and I'm very happy here. My sincere thanks to Brett."
- Michael D
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