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Steve did a fantastic job of finding several apartments within our list of criteria. He showed us several, and knew exactly what we had in mind. He stays in constant communication to find just the right apartment. We are so thrilled with our new home.
- M
Steve knew what we wanted better than we did. He showed us all the apartments that we picked but in the end he suggested something else. We rented his choice. He did a wonderful job!
- Cissy
I highly recommend Steve as an agent (and as a person). After contacting many agents, I fortunately contacted Steve, who impressed upon me the wisdom of focusing with one good agent rather than wasting time and energy on listings that were no longer available or that weren't quite right for me. After speaking with Steve and discussing my search, all I had to do was show up for the appointments that Steve created for me, then decide upon the place that I liked best. After looking at several places, I found the right one and was done with no hassles or anxiety...what a relief! Thanks again Steve for all of your hard work.
- Sarah
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