Seth Beverly

Seth Beverly

Licensed Salesperson

Born in New Jersey and raised in the heartland of Kansas, before being spirited to South Florida, Seth is an American with a New York state of mind.

Seth started his first business at 19 years of age. He worked with law & investigative firms, specializing in real estate, in Broward County, Florida. It was there that he got a taste of entrepreneurship. "That business marked an experience of freedom for me. It would be a gimps at a life-style and calling that I could never forget, or live without", Says Seth.

Spring boarding toward a more philanthropically rewarding business Seth began studying the art of personal finance. With the help of mentors, he was recruited and Seth started teaching individuals about money and getting their money working for them instead of the other way around. Seth relocated to NY where he befriended Jonathan Cunard over a shared interest in music-performance. The two professionals were fast friends with many overlapping professional skills and personal ambitions.

As fulfillment in business grew, sharing that pride followed. That joy lead to a conversation that would prove to be a game-changer. Jonathan Cunard & Seth Beverly had been sharing stories of their professional successes and development for several years when Jonathan expressed a desire and plan for something even greater. Not long after, Seth joined the quickly ascending Cunard team, bringing his diverse experience in small business development and finance while stepping into a strong culture of excellence & community.

Seth's marketing, technology & financial expertise are the perfect tools to put to work for you.