Oded Hecht

Oded Hecht

Investment Sales

Ed Hecht began his real estate career after arriving in New York from Israel in September of 1988. Falling in love with the Manhattan Real Estate industry, Ed instantly realized that this would be where his life-long career lay. In March of 1997, he seized the opportunity and, with his brother Amnon, he opened the doors to a small boutique office on the Upper East Side. Building the business from scratch, he and Amnon had the unyielding will to create a great neighborhood brokerage, and they set about building a reputation for themselves as honest, service-oriented brokers. Today, well over a decade later, with two state of the art offices in key locations of the great city of New York, and with over 120 agents and counting, the firm is doing fabulously well!

Ed arrived in New York months after getting discharged from the Israeli army where he served his mandatory three years. Ed always says that the greatest lesson the army taught him was to be a great believer in peace. Ed is also a great believer in outstanding customer service. He says, “Although urgency is one of the first signs an experienced real estate agent should look for in clients, I always underline, as well, that our agents should ensure that the client become an educated consumer! It’s the state of mind where you clearly understand what New York has to offer for your investment.”

“I am truly grateful for all that Amnon and I have achieved so far,” Ed says, “and our quest is to keep building and improving this business on the foundation of trust, honesty, and integrity, while maintaining our great reputation.’

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our agents and their dedication,” says Ed, “”and keeping the Hecht name among the finest in the profession. To show our gratitude and appreciation, we constantly find new ways to improve and provide the best resources and support to all of our hard working agents at every step of their real estate career. But we don’t stop there.” Ed continues, “We pay our agents the highest commission in the industry, guaranteed! We just have the best environment for the experienced agent. It is for those reasons and much more that, in this unshakeable recession, the Hecht Group excels and flourishes. The slogan of our unique brokerage is simply unbeatable and we are constantly growing!”